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Mike's Special 10 Gallon Viquarium Project
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Mike's Special 10 Gallon Viquarium Project
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Well, here is what happens after you build your first Viquarium. Yup, ya wanna build another...and another!

Well, here it is...a 10 gallon tank that I found at a garage sale. I couldn't pass up the great deal I got on it, so...well, here we go again. This time I will show you the finished product at the end. Hmmm, wonder how it will turn out???

empty tank


I gathered up some of the supplies that I would be using. As you can see, the same type of egg crate, screen, and ties. I've decided to make this one a bit different than all the rest I've seen. Instead of the landscape sloping from end to end...I will have it sloping from back to front. That means that the water will have to flow all across the top in back.

drilling holes

I took a piece of plastic tubing and cut it long enough to reach from one side to the other. Then (with my drill press) I drilled holes about 1/4 inch apart all along the tube.

pump and tubing

I started with the table top fountain pump pictured here but changed it to a Rio 90 pump for the finished product. I wanted a bit more water flow. It will work best placed in the corner as shown here.

plug the end

Notice that I plugged the end of the tube with all the holes in it in order to keep the water from simply running out the end.


The tubing is 1/2" so I found a piece of wood dowl that fit inside for the plug.


Here is the setup of the pump and the tubes...Notice the elbow at the top left corner. This will allow for smooth flowing water with no kinks in the tube.

10 Gallons Continued...